I cannot believe my luck!

The other day when I saw a picture of Van Gogh in my best friend’s house I could not even contain my excitement. The piece there looked as good as the original. I mean come on Van Gogh prints are also so pricey that you almost need to make a systematic plan to invest in them. That picture in her living room caught my fancy so much but I being me did not enquire about it because I didn’t want to make her feel out of place. I mean between us we do not discuss furniture pieces, clothes or jewellery. So I refrained. But I so earnestly wished that I could have had asked and come out of the curiosity trap once and for all!

But look what I found:

The print must have stayed on my subconscious mind for quite some time. So, once when I was browsing the internet trying to get pictures of superheroes to be done in flex boards for my sonny’s third birthday, I suddenly hit upon this website called zor.com.

This website is a bomb!

Even before I was through the contents on the homepage, I knew I had struck gold. This website is the website of my dreams. Now, even though I am a minimalist at heart, I have something for pictures. I have been a lens person for most part of my life documenting life and other milestones through my camera lenses. I even did a comprehensive course on how to handle DSLRs and the changeable lenses to adjust perspectives.

This website allows you to print anything you like on anything that you like!

Isn’t that amazing!

Even before I knew it, I was uploading my favorite pictures on their order form that allows you to send them anything that you would like to get done on boards, PVCs, wooden frames, et al. the choices are crazy. Why don’t you just hop on and check it out for yourself? You can thank me later!…