While online shopping is a most exhilarating experience for many of us, there could be times when the cautious approach is required. The world of the web is increasingly becoming data-centric; a lot of personal information is exchanged over these virtual networks and protecting your privacy and the securing of the data is highly important.

While information is exchanged through various sources the safety and the security of our personal data is extremely important and cannot be emphasized enough. This information could be stored and sold elsewhere without our knowledge; most importantly, the online shopping escapades have most of the details that could be shared elsewhere.

As exposure to social media is on the high, we often fail to realize how much data is shared either in form of images, photos, messages that are susceptible to be hacked.

  • password protect your files with the complex combination, that would be difficult to use, using common names will help the hackers to phish the account easily
  • Secret questions should be secret and not common. like pets name or your first name, that could be easily traced from other sources
  • social media should be limited to share views and take information that would be helpful, sharing personal details should refrain
  • those digital trails should be limited, leaving a lot of information footprint could be subject to data breach and information to be sold to hackers
  • change passwords frequently and limit the usage of online services, as that is the most common point where data is shared
  • everything is purchased and companies can buy youtube subs for giving reviews about their products to favor more traffic and sales
  • for making the bulk customer sales reviews that are published online, one should always use their prudence and read about the product from various sources before buying expensive gadgets online.