Reminder: the customer is still the king!

If you thought that modern technology will soon replace the retailing sphere so much that offline stores will vanish from the face of the earth; think again!

This does not look even remotely possible.

For one that offline stores and online stores can co-exist peacefully. They have almost maintained so much harmony all along and we have good reason to believe that they will in the future too. No apocalypse in the near future that will destroy the offline shopping scape, so rest assured.

But engaging the offline shopper in the stores is a challenge quite big for the retailer today:

Now keeping in mind the convenience that an online shopper has to shop from the convenience of his own home and get the stuff delivered to his doorstep and without even stepping a foot outside his threshold to make payment even, it becomes imperative that physical shops try to give such experience to their real shoppers that is not really possible to be given on the online forum.

Daunting yes! But not impossible!!

Check on the history:

Have there been any events by the store that was super successful? If yes, you could think more about those lines. When you know your customer’s choices, it is easy to cater to them emotionally as well. For example, a neighborhood store that sells premium gadgets gave SleekWristBands to their walk-in customers with surprise coupons that they could put in the raffle box and had a chance to win a gadget of their choice! The event was super successful and the number of footfalls plummeted!!


Any chance to win, contests of skill and luck are a great draw. Caption contests and art contest do very well on the front. A studio once came out with a photography contest with a caption every day. The sales that the studio did in that quarter was mind-blowing!…