Don’t go by the negative connotation of the word!

I once had a cousin who kept calling me an extreme couponer in a very derogative sense. The nice person that I am kept forgiving her but later on found out that she was mistaking my couponing skills with what she thought I was very obsessed with.

Let bygones be!

Anyways, coming to the point, an extreme couponer is not a derailed shopper who is impulsively picking up things off the shelf and throwing them into her cart. An extreme couponer, on the other hand, is a smart savvy shopper who knows the value of money and is not ready to pay the store one extra dollar.

The extreme couponer knows what he or she is doing!

Take for example Katie my neighbor. She is my favorite person to go grocery shopping with. She is an extreme couponer and by that I mean sometimes these smart lass picks up products for a steal or even for free. I mean these are products that you have to pay through your nose. But for Katie, it is a child’s play.

Of course, she is experienced and like I said smart!

What does Katie do?

Katie has a stick pantry list hung up every first day of the week on the fridge. She allows her husband and two kids to add anything that they would like from the stores too. She has a final word there though!

Then she gets about looking for capons on these products. Once she finds them, she clips them. Katie also writes product reviews and earns coupons from manufacturers too.

Now all that Katie needs to do is to wait for a sale or product promotions. She rushes to the store and gets a steal on most of her products. Her savings are humongous. And is she happy? Boy, she sure is!!

By the way, Katie loves to collect her coupons on Couponobox. She let me her secret, Ssshhhh!

Marketing is a job that requires true talent, perseverance, and presence of mind. When you have a customer at hand, you need to know, understand and approach them in a way that will influence them, all in a matter of minutes. You do not have the time to do a detailed case study of the customer nor can you use the same approach for one and all.

When there is a purchase decision to be made, how can you influence your customer? Here is how:

  1. Packaging – Majority of the buying decision is influenced by the product itself. if the product is packaged well to suit the target audience, half the work is done. As a marketing or salesperson, you are the face the customers see and talk to. Take their inputs, understand what they are looking for and give the company a feedback.
  2. Price – The cost is one of the most influential factors in buying a product. Some people look for expensive products because they feel the higher the price, the better is the quality. Some look for low prices as they want it all within a budget. Very few lookouts for value for money. Understand which category your current customer belongs to and approach them accordingly.
  3. Approach – Everyone likes to think they are different and unique. Hence when you are trying to influence a purchase decision, look for clue and cues to follow up on, that will pertain to the specific customer. This way they will feel the product will suit their needs.
  4. Don’t Push – No matter how bad may be tempted to push a product on to a customer, don’t do it. You may probably thing just another nudge will make the customer buy the product but it may work in the opposite direction and get the customer all suspicions and look for alternatives.
  5. Feedback – Give your customers feedbacks you received from other customers. Ensure your sound genuine and you give real-time feedbacks rather than made up reviews. This will encourage the customer to opt for the product because someone has tried and is happy with the product.

For Ex: If you are selling hair regrowth devices, giving the customer feedback from other buyers will influence their purchase decision to a great extent.