Do you have some money you just don’t know what to do with? Did you just win the lottery and don’t know what the expensive things to buy are, just because you have some free money? Here is an ultimate guide to help you make some of the most exorbitant purchases:

House – Get yourself a nice big fancy house you have always lusted over in photos. you would have seen many photos of fancy houses in the magazines and online articles about celebrity houses. These houses are just expensive and many times not very practical. You can buy one or more of such a house.

Yacht – A yacht is considered to be exclusive to the rich. A trip on your own yacht on a good weather day or a personal bad day just to blow off some steam is some of the ways the rich enjoy life. Look for an option on and buy yourself a nice attractive yacht and start hosting yachting trips for friends and family.

Jewelry – Walk into your favorite store and buy all that you have ever lusted after. These could be exclusive pieces or limited editions you saw on the cover of some magazine or something your favorite star sported for an award function. Once worn by a celebrity, the cost is sure to just go up for no other apparent reason.

Holiday – Call your agent and book a holiday to an exotic location in the peak season. It is bound to be expensive and almost full. opt for a star hotel or a boutique hotel that has all the facilities possible. This will be one of those holidays you have always dreamt of and will never forget.

Gifts – Heard anyone close to mentioning something about something they would wish to have? Go ahead and buy it for them and gift it for no apparent reason. These need not be just for family and friends; it can be for your co-worker too.…