Fashion trends come and go. But it is expensive to keep buying new clothes every time the trends change. Are there ways in which you can keep changing your style without having to spend too much money? You can easily upgrade your looks even without upgrading your wardrobe or buying new clothes.

  1. Give a new life to the old clothes

There are plenty of ways in which you can rejuvenate your old clothes. If you are working with solids, you can use dyes and bleaches to create interesting patterns. You can also use embroidered patches to give a chic makeover to something as simple as a solid t-shirt.

  1. Focus on the details to grab attention

There are plenty of ways in which you can add tiny details that can upgrade your look. Accessorizing the right way can make even the most boring outfit look elegant. If you have a solid dress that looks too ordinary, consider adding a belt, lace, brooches or other types of embellishments to give a new look to the dress.

  1. Mix and match innovatively

It is all about pairing when you pick clothes. If you keep wearing the same t-shirt with the same pair of jeans or pants then it might start looking boring. Mix and match and make sure that you do not repeat pairs.

  1. Get the fit right

Often getting refitting of your clothes done can cause a huge difference. All those clothes that you have tossed aside simply because they do not fit, can be reused when you get them modified to suit you.

Dare to go different and be ready to move out of your comfort zone. You would be surprised at how different and how cool you look when you try all the new styles that you create. And all this can be done without even buying new clothes.

Choosing a good water filter for the house is not easy because technological advancements have introduced a plethora of products in the market that comes with mind-boggling water purifying features which are often hard to grasp for the layman. That being the case when you are looking out for whole house water filters to ensure water anywhere in the house is safe and clean you need a guide to lead the way. We have listed a few tips here that will highlight the most important features that one must consider when purchasing a filtration system.

  1. Filter type: There are several types of filters used in water filtration The common ones are activated carbon is used because it easily removes impurities and basic contaminants. The second one is reverse osmosis which incidentally is the most effective system presently because it removes all contaminants in the water.
  2. Filtration speed: The speed at which the water gets filtered can be a starting point; some kits are slow and can filter only a few ounces of water per minute while others can be relatively fast at 20 ounces a minute. Obviously, it is more advantageous to take the one that filters faster provided all other necessities are met.
  3. The lifespan of the filter cartridge: It is mandatory that you replace your cartridges periodically; how often you need to change will depend on the brand and the Some models are built to clean several thousand gallons of water before requiring replacement while others are more short-lived. The cost of the replacement cartridge is also a factor to consider at this stage.
  4. Simplicity or ease of use: Some models have a horde of instructions and “to dos” while the others are child’s play. It’s up to you to decide how challenging you want your filtration kit to be.

As per weight loss experts, losing up to 2 lbs per week is the recommended and safe weight loss rate. Losing 20 pounds within 60 days seems to be a lofty goal and you will have to lose a little more than the recommended weight loss rate to achieve the goal. In order to lose one pound in a month, you will have to create a deficit of 3500 calories per week. Therefore, to lose 2 lbs per week you will have to create a deficit of 7000 calories per week which is not feasible. However, there are diet programs like Nutrisystem that help you lose up to 13 lbs 7 inches in the first month of following any of the diet plans. This is really welcoming if you have to lose a huge weight in a short period. The plans are designed in such a way that they cater to the individual metabolic needs and help the dieters lose up to maximum 2 lbs per week. They have recently added Uniquely Yours Plus plan and this new program is easy to follow for all types of dieters.

To start with your journey, you will have to track what you eat on a daily basis. Determine your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) which will help you know the amount of calories you can consume in a day by using a specific formula. There are many online websites that help you arrive at the amount of calories you can eat per day to lose weight. However, if you choose to go below the recommended calorie intake per day in the spirit of losing weight fast, you will land up inviting health hazards.

The following suggestions will help you achieve your goal fast:

  • Fill your plates with whole foods and avoid processed foods completely
  • Include salads in your daily diet
  • Eat slowly to aid the digestion process
  • Avoid high calorie drinks
  • Get active and move around
  • Include strength training in your exercise routine
  • Increase your cardio workouts

Kids involve not just time and effort but money too. There are a number of expenses that come with having and bringing up a child in this world today. While many are unnecessary, here are 8 expenses that are totally worth your money:

  1. School

The most and important expenses of all, when it comes to a child. Whether you send your child to the public school, a private school or even home school them, it is an expensive one should never shun away from. They teach and help the child grow into responsible and well-learned adults and it cannot be compromised upon.

  1. Classes

Enrolling your child into extra classes to teach them things the school doesn’t teach them might seem pointless to some parents. On the contrary, this enables a child to learn more than what the school has to offer and also develop interests outside of school.

  1. Sports

Letting your child play and learn some sport will require you to buy types of equipment, attires, sporting goods etc. This expense is again worth your money as you are enabling your child to develop their interest and talent.

  1. Music

Music is another venue like sports that is totally worth spending your money on. It enables your child to connect with their inner self and bring out the artist in them.

  1. Toys

Toys when bought right are worth the money. Choose a few educational toys from places like Doodlebuckets and you will never feel it is a waste of your money.

  1. Clothes

All of us need clothes and kids just keep growing out of theirs. You need to buy good quality clothes your child can step out in and this is a sensible expenditure.

  1. Food

Who doesn’t need food? Ensure you spend money to provide your child healthy and nutritious food that will help their growth and development.

  1. Safety

A child has to be kept safe from a number of elements around. investing in childproofing your house if you can’t run around your child or having an alarm system to keep the house secure is a must.…

The type of expenses met and the value of the purchase determine the effectiveness of the purchase. This is one reason why people who earn similar incomes and lead similar lifestyles might not always manage money similarly. Here are some ways to ensure that you spend your money smarter.

Purchases for healthcare

Money spent on healthcare is an expense that is fully justified. There are however various ways in which money is spent on healthcare. If you keep spending too much money on treatments rather than the preventive measures then you are not spending right. Visit website to understand how people spend money on healthcare for the prevention of illnesses. This is where you spend money on supplements that make you stronger and more immune.

Tracking the finances

Tracking every little income and expense is a good way to ensure the best money management. This would help you understand where a major portion of your income is being spent. So you would also be able to figure out ways to cut down the expenses accordingly.

Automation of your finances

Automation is one of the smartest strategies to get better at managing personal finances. Not all expenses are unexpected. There is plenty that is recurring and these can be automated so as to save time and to avoid delays in payments that might lead to fines. Also, automation would motivate you to focus more on investments rather than saving alone. Savings are important but investments matter more in the long run.

Insurance policies

Insurance schemes, ones that are collective and designed for comprehensive benefits for the whole family are the type of investments that cannot be avoided. These are the type of expenditures that are designed keeping the future in mind. So when you pick a good insurance plan you would be able to cut down several emergency expenses.…

The summer heat is hateful and one dreads stepping out of home especially for shopping. Here is what you can do to beat the summer heat and shopping.

Keep yourself hydrated

In the summer months, you get dehydrated soon. To make up for the loss of water drink lots of water and fresh juices in the summer months. This will let you make up for the water loss and also give you energy. Liquids also let you feel cool.


Pay close attention to what you eat. Eating hot and spicy food may not be the best thing in the summer months. Also stay away from meat and other fatty food. Summer is the time when you should include lots of fresh fruits and salad in your diet. Eat light and healthy and nutritious food to keep you active through the summer months and when you go shopping.

Carry some fruits and drinks in your bag

When you go shopping make sure that you carry some fresh and juicy fruits as well as plenty of water in your handbag. You can have the fruit or drink water when you feel like. This will let you stay fresh.


Never step out for shopping in the summer months without applying a sunscreen. The sunscreen lotion does not let your skin tan and it also protects your skin from the harmful ultraviolet light. So apply sunscreen whenever you step out.

It is important that you do the needful to adapt your body to an extreme temperature of the summer months. You can not put off your shopping list to make sure that you take the necessary precautions before you go shopping. A good idea, however, is to wait for the evening time to go shopping during the summer months. This way you will be not be exposed to the harmful sun rays and the evenings are also comparatively much cooler than the day. Read more tips on