Every girl should know the below listed 10 fashion shopping tips:

Online research:  Before shopping does a perfect research online.  It helps to know a lot of information on what the latest fashion is.   You can read a lot of reviews and know the pros and cons.  You can know what will suit the most.

Replicas:  A girl should know about replicas.  These exactly give the look of leading brands.  The plus point is that they come at a low price.  Getting brand look-alikes at a low price is something one cannot dream about.  The trick in the world of fashion is to learn how to shop for the best fake LV here.

Cheap sources:  Analyze and find out what is cheap where.  Do not buy everything in the same place.  So split your shopping plan and visit correct places to buy prudently.

Quality matters than quantity:  Buying lots is not the goal.  Whatever the purchase is, it should be of good quality.  That will only improve the looks.

Classics are forever:  Have few pairs of classic type dresses and accessories.  These never go out of fashion.  You can use them with any type of dresses on any occasions.

Buy based on body type:  Learn your body type.  That will help you to know which designs would suit the best.  Make your shopping based on that in the right way.  You need not to regret later for buying misfits.

Color Impact:  It is very important to learn the color wheel.  Each color has a different impact on looks.  Hence shopping has to be made based on that.

Look for maintenance tag:  While shopping look for maintenance tag.  Buying too much of stuff that has to be maintained with care will increase your workload.

Accessorize according to attire:  Buy the accessories by taking the dress along with you.  If the dress is simple, the accessory can be grand.  If both look grand that will spoil the show.

Organizing wardrobe:  Keep your wardrobe organized.  That will make you avoid buying the same type of clothes and accessories again.