The dictionary is one place where you can learn something new every day. Unless you are professional in what you are working on, you will not be familiar with certain terms, for instance, the kanus and the kayak. What is the difference? Only a professional in water sports can tell the main difference between a kanus & a kayak, and which one to use when.

There are several kanus and kayaks for different activities, for different water conditions, and for different skill levels of the paddler. Hence, you must make your choice properly. Hence, for all those who are new to water sports, here is a quick glance at the major similarities and differences between a kanus and the kayak.

First the Similarities

  1. Both are small boats.
  2. These are light in weight.
  3. These are propelled using paddles.
  4. These are controlled with the help of people.
  5. Both are used for recreational activities and for water sports such as fishing, boating, racing, etc.

Next the Differences

However, each is different from the other mainly in terms of two things:

  1. The position of the person in the boat – While in a kanus or the canoe, the paddler is seated in a kneeling position, in a kayak, the paddler sits in a regular sitting position.
  2. The type of the paddle that the person uses to propel the boat – On the other hand, a kanus or the canoe makes use of a paddle that is single-bladed to propel the boat. Whereas in a kayak, the paddler makes use of a paddle that is double bladed in order to paddle through the water on both sides of the kayak alternatively to move ahead.

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