The best way to teach new things to your kids is through games and fun activities, especially if it is something as complicated as handling money. Money is important for everyone and it is a good idea to know about it from early ages, not because you save it but because you understand how to spend it wisely. There are many fun activities that you can do with your kids to make them understand the value of money without putting the worldly pressure on them.

1) Board games: It is a fun way to teach children how to handle money without stressing. There are so many board games in the market to choose from, each of these games come with different rules, some simple while some complex.  You can start with simple games where you can buy and sell stuff as part of the game. It is also a good way to teach kids about numbers, additions, and subtractions. Do visit StarWalkKids to explore the variety of board games you can play with your kids.

2) Savings Scavenger Hunt: You can play this fun game with a little older kid who can access the internet. In this game, you make a list of items that you need to buy as part of grocery shopping, and each family member search for the items online and the one who finds the cheapest ones win. You can play this activity in any store to look for discounts and offers and the family member who finds more discounts wins.

3) Role Playing: Role-playing games not only teach kids about handling money but also teach them to step into other person’s shoes and know the world from their perspective. You can play fun games with kids where they can pretend to be the elders in the house who have to manage all the grocery shopping and other expenses.