Online dating can be a rough world. People are really judgmental and have no problem saying mean things. It is especially easy to talk shit behind a screen. Behind a screen you feel untouchable, if you say something mean in person, you might get your ass beat. You also have to consider that online dating gives you more variety. Well after you have found someone who you think might be your soulmate you should probably give a gift. One of the main problems with gifts is the price. There are many ways you can get gifts for cheap, or at least save money on gifts. One way you can get a powerful but still cheap gift, is to bake it yourself. Homemade goods taste really good compared to store brought. Everyone can appreciate the effort it takes to bake a delicious cookie. As long as you follow the recipes, your food should taste great. Although, just to be safe, taste it before you give it as a gift. A good gift idea would be pictures, maybe a framed picture of a defining moment you had together. This is cost efficient, and it can mean a lot. This means a lot because it shows you reflecting back on the experiences you’ve had together. Another thing you can do as his girlfriend, is to offer him sex. It’s basically free, and no guy would ever refuse that. That would be one of the best gifts he has ever had in his life. Your love and intimacy cannot ever be replaced. You can offer him a different experience if you don’t want to offer him that. Maybe a dinner, or a special movie, or a picnic at the beach. There are so many things you can do to be cost efficient and give him a great gift.